Teaching Essays 2017

Teaching the Freedom Struggle

Click on a question below to learn more about the historic movements for justice. Each short answer is researched and written by a student in the 2017 class of “All Power to the People!”

A. The Black Freedom Struggle
1. What allowed for the black community to evolve and gradually gain courage during the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
2. How did Dr. King’s principles of nonviolence impact the response to his assassination?
3. What was Freedom Summer 1964?
4. What were the “Freedom Schools”?
5. How did the mainstream media portray the Black Panther Party, and how did the Panthers respond?
6. What does Eldridge Cleaver’s SOUL ON ICE reveal about the possibilities of interracial sex within the Black Power movement?
7. Who was Huey Newton? How did he interact with queerness and homophobia in the Black Panthers, and how did this change over time?
8. How did the Black Panther Party’s ideologies surrounding gender and black nationalism influence the Party’s views on abortion?
9. How does the Black Freedom Struggle inform Shirley Chisholm’s political career and 1972 presidential campaign?

B. Movimientos Chicanx/Latinx
1. What political ideologies shaped the pre-Chicano generation?
2. During el movimiento what did it mean to identify as a Chicano/Chicana?
3. How did the Chicano Student Movement and cultural nationalism inform the declarations made in El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan?
4. What did “self determination” mean to the Young Lords?
5. Was the Young Lords’ activism an accurate representation of their position as radicals?
6. How did women Young Lord organizers deal with sexism within the group?

C. Asian American Movement
1. What happened to the Filipino Farm workers after September 7th, 1965?
2. What were the goals of the radical leftist Asian American movement during the 60’s/70’s, and how were they in conversation with the goals of the Black Power movement?
3. How did the staff of GIDRA, a newspaper started in 1969 by Asian American students at University of California, Los Angeles, successfully and unsuccessfully advocated for Asian American women?
4. How did white supremacy manifest in the narrative of Filipino male/white female relationships?

D. American Indian Movement
1. How did Native American advocacy shift towards direct action and militant tactics?
2. How did the occupation of Alcatraz Island by the IOAT impact the future of Native American activism?