for Teachers & Students

Our class is about people coming together to struggle for freedom and equality in the United States. Sometimes those struggles were successful. Sometimes they were not. Sometimes they were based on values all of us share. Sometimes they challenged us to think in new ways.

We think those stories are important ones to tell. We think they’re a part of history that’s important to remember. We also think it’s a history that has a lot to teach us in our present.

The below pages contain the class projects created by the many students who took this class over the years. Each of those was meant to provide resources for learning about this history, specially designed for K-12 students and their teachers.


From 2012-2015, and again in 2019, students conducted research on topics relating to postwar movements for racial justice. They used what they learned to design a “teaching module” or lesson plan meant to enable teachers to create unique learning experiences for young people.

In 2017, students presented the results of their research in a format directly accessible to a younger audience. These short essays follow the question/answer format and seek to connect younger students to a fuller understanding of our shared human history.

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