You’ll receive a letter grade for each of our class assignments. Each letter corresponds to a numerical grade, allowing you to compute your exact numerical grade at any time during the semester.

Here’s how you do it. Each letter grade represents a numerical range, listed below. The numerical value of each letter grade is the midpoint of its range. So, if you receive a ‘B’ on an assignment, you received 85.45%. How do you know how many final grade points that is? Well, if an assignment were worth 15 points—which is the same as 15% of your final grade—then you received 12.82 points (out of 15). The math to compute that is 85.45 x 0.15, which equals 12.8175, which rounds up to 12.82.

Your final semester letter grade will be the total points you earned, relative to where that total sum falls into the below ranges:

  • Excellent: A+ (97-100; mid 98.5) A (94-96.9; mid 95.45) A- (90-93.9; mid 91.95)
  • Very Good: B+ (87-89.9; mid 88.45) B (84-86.9; mid 85.45) B- (80-83.9; mid 81.95)
  • Satisfactory: C+ (77-79.9; mid 78.45) C (74-76.9; mid 75.45)
  • Resubmit: C- (70-73.9; mid 71.95). D+ (69.9) or below


All assignments are due on the date specified on our course schedule and syllabus. This is especially important with our weekly discussion prompts because they are a form of preparation for our in-class work.

If you are unable to meet an expected due date, you can make use of an automatic extension of 48 hours. You need to inform me, via email, that you will be taking the extension. The extension carries an automatic 10% grade deduction. After the 48 hours have passed, all assignments not turned in will receive 0 (zero) final grade points. The extended due dates are in effect whether a holiday, weekend, or break.

All this said, life is unpredictable at times. If you have an extenuating circumstance preventing you from the timely completion of an assignment, let me know as soon as possible so we can explore a solution.


Our class assumes all members are familiar with the policies regarding academic conduct at each of the Claremont Colleges. You are expected to adhere to the letter and spirit of those policies for the duration of the semester. These policies and the principles they represent are our foundational standards for honesty, integrity, and responsibility.