Unless otherwise noted, you will receive a letter grade corresponding to your performance on each assignment. The following scale will be used to convert the letter grade into a numeric value, where the midpoint of each range is given for the corresponding letter grade. Your final grade will be determined based upon the range within which your cumulative total lies.

  • Exemplary: A+ (98.5; 97-100); A (95.45; 94-96.9); A- (91.95; 90-93.9)
  • Very Good: B+ (88.45; 87-89.9); B (85.45; 84-86.9); B- (81.95; 80-83.9)
  • Satisfactory: C+ (78.45; 77-79.9); C (75.45; 74-76.9); C- (71.95; 70-73.9)
  • Needs Improvement: D+ (69), or below, must be resubmitted.

Late Assignments
ALL assignments are due on the date specified on the “Course Schedule.” Failure to turn in any assignment by the deadline will result in an automatic 10% grade deduction. Late assignments will then only be accepted until 48 HOURS after the deadline. At that time, the student will receive an “F” (0 points) for the assignment if it has not been turned in. This extension is in effect whether a holiday, weekend, or break. This does not apply to midterms.

Academic Honesty
Our class assumes all members are familiar with the policies regarding academic conduct at each of the Claremont Colleges. These policies and the principles they represent are our foundation for standards regarding honesty, integrity, and responsibility.


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