All Power to the People! Social Movements for Justice is a survey of post-WWII racial movements in the United States. We examine issues of power, race, gender, and class in U.S. society as we investigate debates surrounding the prospects of equity, equality, and social justice. At heart, our class seeks to learn from the diverse ways groups of “nonwhite” people have envisioned “freedom” in the U.S. context and how these aspirational visions have served to mobilize struggles for a more just world.

History 25CH is a collective. Our learning experience is based on the belief that we learn more as individuals when we learn from and with each other. Our collective respects the knowledge, questions, ideas, and analytical skills each of us brings to class. We use those as the basis for building our shared understanding. In collaboration with one another, we will challenge simplistic thinking, seek out complexity, and build new understandings as equal members in a process of learning.

I kindly ask students who need special accommodations to ensure their success to speak with the appropriate staff member at their campus’ Office of Student Affairs as soon as possible so that they can inform me about any necessary accommodations.



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