WEEK 2 (Jan. 24 & 26)

We’ll start building our class story together as we discuss the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education. We’ll also turn in our first Document Analysis Exercise.

FRIDAY (Jan. 20)
Your informal “Who are YOU?” assignment is due via email no later than January 20th at 12:00 noon. The assignment is described in detail on page 4 of the syllabus (or in the WORK page, above).

After a song, we’ll start class with our first “collaborative discussion,” where we’ll discuss “A Life of Being Rebellious,” by Jeanne Theoharis (DCR 2), and a chapter (“The Court Decides”) from James Patterson’s book on Brown v. Board (DCR 3). As we’ll do each time we use this format, I will select 6-7 students at random to serve as our discussants.

To prepare for discussion (and the possibility of being selected), each of you should bring to class 3-5 questions or discussion prompts related to the reading. These should be typed up and printed out (on actual paper). I will collect these from everyone, whether or not you were selected to discuss.

After our discussion, we’ll have a short lecture setting the context of the postwar Freedom Struggle.

The bulk of our class will be a lecture on Brown v. Board. We’ll also read and discuss a few brief documents, which I’ll pass out in class.

You’ll also turn in your first Document Analysis assignment. These short analyses of historical primary sources are described in detail on page 5 of the syllabus. For this first go around, you’ll read and analyze the response of one African American––writer Zora Neale Hurston––to the Brown decision. Her views are available to you as DCR 4.

Your Document Analysis should be composed according to the “Writing Guidelines” document, which is posted in the READINGS folder on Sakai (below all the DCRs). You should save your file as a PDF, and name the file “LastName-DA1.pdf” before uploading it to our Sakai Drop Box.


In the News
Florida Says AP African American Studies Program ‘Lacks Educational Value’ (Rolling Stone, January 18, 2023).

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