Posted by: profe | May 2, 2019

The End

This Tuesday will be our last class meeting of the semester!

We’ll start class with a few songs to wrap up our playlist. If you know of a more recent song that speaks to the political sensibilities of our class and would like me to consider playing it, email me the title and performer.

After that we’ll have our final discussion. The reading is “My Dungeon Shook” by James Baldwin, the first essay in his amazing book The Fire Next Time (1963). It is provided to you as DCR 19.

If you haven’t been selected for your third go around as discussion participant, you know what’s coming. After the last group has discussed the material a bit, we’ll open up the discussion to the whole class.

We’ll spend the last 10 minutes of class filling out class evaluations.

I made an error in the due date for your final project on one of the handouts. Please note that the correct due date is Tuesday, May 7th (as listed on the syllabus, website, and assignment sheet). I would like you to upload your final project to WordPress no later than the start of class on that day. It will take me the better part of a day to make them all available online but I’ll let you know when that work is finished.

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