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This week we will have our second to last class discussion and our second (and last) Midterm. You will find a study guide below.

On Tuesday we’ll start with a song and a discussion on the reading, a really interesting article on the multiracial organizing of the Third World Strike (provided to you as DCR 18). We’ll follow up our discussion with a short lecture. We’ll also talk a bit about the Midterm.

On Thursday we’ll take the in-class Midterm. To make your studying easier, here’s a study guide for you:

Potential Identification Questions
I will select five of the following ten items. You will be asked to describe them and discuss their significance to our class.
• Young Lords
• Raymond Yellow Feather
• National Congress of American Indians
• Leonard Peltier
• Third World Women’s Alliance
• I Wor Kuen
• Third World Liberation Front
• Asian American Political Alliance
• Indians of All Tribes

Potential Short Answer Questions
I will choose two of the following four short answer prompts.

1. Describe the four “offensives” of the Young Lords Party. What did Lords believe they achieved through these tactics?

2. Explain how the issue of reproductive rights could serve as an organizing issue for feminists of color but also source of tension for cultural nationalist organizations.

3. Explain what Stephen Ward meant when he says that “TWWA’s feminism was not simply a critique of Black Power politics but, rather, a form of it.” (DCR 16) Is this a true and useful way to make sense of feminism within other movements?

4. Discuss at least three ways the US war in Vietnam shaped race movements of the late 60s? Use specific examples from at least two movements.

Longer Essay Question
• You should be prepared to discuss Native American movements and Asian American movements and some ways we can put them in comparison with the Black Freedom Struggle.

• You should be prepared to discuss the rise of third wave feminism in the 60s and 70s.

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