Posted by: profe | April 18, 2019


I’m away from campus on Thursday, April 25, delivering a keynote address at a local conference on Latinx Studies. That means a short week for us in terms of class. We still have work to do.

On Tuesday we will have a collaborative discussion on the readings (chapters 6-9 in Serve the People). We’ll also have a short lecture on race and the Vietnam War.

We will not have class on Thursday. I do ask you watch the historic movie The Fall of the I-Hotel (1983). The film is available on Sakai.

The Fall of the I-Hotel is a special documentary film that tells the story of the closing of a residential hotel that was home to many elderly Filipino men in the 1970s. The battle to fight their eviction was a multiracial movement in progressive San Francisco, as you’ll see. It was also the definitive “movement” of the Asian American movement in San Francisco.

The Fall of the I-Hotel is also a political work of art. Filmed and produced by a collective of film artists who actually used community space in the I-Hotel, it is a product of a broader effort to use film to document and elevate the people of the Asian American communities in the city. In this way it is both a documentary and a historical document in itself.

The Fall of the I-Hotel gives us an opportunity to think about how the complex issues of the (capitalist) market——in this case the real estate market——creates unity of vision among city residents and officials yet still inhibits successful results. In many ways, it is a snapshot of some of the issues we today call gentrification.

You should also continue working on your semester project. The handouts passed out in class on Thursday, April 18 are now posted on the “Assignments” page (just below the description of the “Teaching the Freedom Struggle” assignment). I also posted a link to one previous assignment that is perfectly formatted.

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