Posted by: profe | April 11, 2019


This week we will begin our final class transition as our class story investigates the movements associated with Asian Americans in the 60s and 70s.

On Tuesday we will begin class with our usual discussion of the readings, chapters 1-5 in our last course book Serve the People: Making Asian America in the Long Sixties, by Karen L. Ishizuka. April 16: Asian American Activists. As always, prepare your discussion questions and prompts with a focus on things that 1) are answerable by the text; 2) analyze the major themes, arguments, and topics; and 3) explore comparative understandings.

We’ll follow our discussion with a short lecture and an overview on part 2 of our semester project. I’ll also return your CE 2 assignments.

On Thursday we’ll highlight multiracial movements as we discuss the San Francisco State Strike, led by students calling themselves the Third World Liberation Front. To prepare for that short lecture and discussion I ask that you watch the documentary Agents of Change, which is available on Sakai.

My apologies for having to cancel class last time. Thank you again for your understanding and for your well wishes. My daughter is doing much better.

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