Posted by: profe | April 6, 2019

Week 11

Your Critical Evaluation Exercise should be turned in via our Sakai “Drop Box” by Sunday morning (April 7) at 10:00AM.

On Tuesday we’ll start class with our weekly discussion on the readings. The reading is Part IV of the book Prison Writings: My Life is My Sun Dance, by Leonard Peltier (provided to you as DCR 15). You should learn who Leonard Peltier is before you do the reading. As usual, come prepared with your discussion questions and prompts.

We’ll follow the lecture with a short lecture on AIM and the FBI. To give you some context on that history, I ask that you read “Burglars Who Took on F.B.I.,” and article from the NY Times. There is also a short video related to the article that you should watch.

On Thursday we’ll have a special class where we discuss two readings. The first is an article by Stephen Ward titled “The Third World Women’s Alliance” (DCR 16). The other is a sample of readings from This Bridge Called My Back: Writings By Radical Women of Color (DCR 17), a rather historic collection of essays. We’ll also review the second part of our semester teaching project.

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