Posted by: profe | March 28, 2019


This week we begin our discussions of movements involving Native Americans, primarily those under the umbrella of “Red Power.”

We’ll begin that discussion on Tuesday when we gather for our weekly seminar on the readings. This week I ask you to read chapter 6 from the book Blood Struggle (provided to you as DCR 12) and chapters 6 & 7 from the book Like a Hurricane (provided to you as DCR 13). As always, prepare your list of discussion prompts/questions related to these readings. We’ll follow-up our discussion with a short lecture.

We will not have class on Thursday but I do have some work for you to do in my absence. I ask that you watch two documentaries: “Wounded Knee” (which is episode 5 of the longer PBS series We Shall Remain, 2009) and Alcatraz Is Not An Island (2001). Both are made available to you via Video47 on Sakai.

You also have to complete and turn in our next (and last) Critical Evaluation Exercise. The 2-3 page write-up should be based on your analysis of the “The Alcatraz Proclamation” document, provided to you as DCR 14. Because I am not in town and won’t begin grading these for a few days, you have until Sunday, April 7 to turn them in via our “Drop Box” on Sakai. It must be timestamped no later than 10:00AM (that’s in the morning folks!).

Be well until next time…

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