Posted by: profe | February 28, 2019


This week we make the next transition in our class, as we begin learning about Mexican/Mexican-American history (what is often called “Chicano” in the context of the times) and the movements shaping their experiences in the United States.

On Tuesday we will discuss the United Farm Workers movement led by Cesar Chavez. To frame our discussion you should complete two readings and watch one documentary before class. The readings are chapters 7-9 from the book America’s Social Arsonist by Gabriel Thompson (provided to you as DCR 8) and the introduction and chapters 1-2 in our next course book, Racism on Trial: The Chicano Fight for Justice by Ian F. Haney López.

The movie is called “Delano Manongs” and it is accessible through Kanopy. Kanopy is a streaming service which the Claremont Colleges subscribe to. You can claim your account by clicking on “Kanopy” on the library website. Access might take a few hours but it should be fine after that.

The film tells the story of the Filipino farmers who were part of the early history of the UFW movement.

On Thursday we will learn about the Chicano student walkouts of 1968. We will watch a documentary in class, and then discuss a bit about it after. You have one reading for that discussion, a list of the demands of the walkout students, reprinted from the LA Times. It is provided to you as DCR 9.

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