Posted by: profe | February 14, 2019


This week we start reading our second course book——The Autobiography of Malcolm X. This is an amazingly well-written and compelling story, in addition to being one of the most significant books in postwar US history. Give yourself the time and space to read it and process it.

On Tuesday, we will give over most of our class to a discussion of the first ten chapters of the book. I ask that each of you write and print out 3 discussion questions related to the text. Good and productive discussion questions are answerable, deepen our understanding of the text, and focus our attention back into the text. This week, I will collect questions from everyone.

If there is time, we’ll follow-up our discussion with a short lecture.

On Thursday we’ll have a lecture and open discussion about “radicalism” and the work of SNCC in 1964. I ask that you watch our next documentary for Thursday’s class, a film titled “Freedom on My Mind.” I think you’ll find it a powerful testament to the work of these young activists and a rich source of analysis for our class.

This is an important couple of weeks for our class, a transition that sets up our analysis for most of the semester ahead. We’re also heading into a two week period where the reading load increases a bit. This is a great time to try an integrate your work for our class over a much time as possible. Little bits every day will make a bigger impact than one day, all at once.

Be well until next time…

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