Posted by: profe | January 31, 2019


This week we’ll start our discussion of actual postwar movements for change as we learn about the Montgomery bus boycott.  We’ll do that by reading our first course book——The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It, by Jo Ann Gibson Robinson——and watching part of an episode of the famed PBS documentary Eyes on the Prize.

On Tuesday we will have our second collective discussion on chapters 1-6 in the book The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It. This is not a scholarly text written by an academic but a memoir of an important leader in the movement.  With first-hand details about the work undergirding this famous historical event, Mrs. Robinson gives us an important perspective from which to learn about how movements sustain themselves and, in this instance, reach a successful conclusion.

Come to class with your questions and discussion prompts printed out.  I will select 6-7 discussion leaders at random.  We’ll follow-up our discussion with a short lecture.

On Thursday we will watch part of a documentary related to the bus boycott. We’ll also get a chance to discuss how this major event is remembered in relation to a historical primary source. I ask that you read the few remaining chapters in the Robinson book (chapters 7-9) and the one page document provided to you as DCR 5.



Rosa Parks, circa 1956.

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