Posted by: profe | January 22, 2019

All About YOU

Our first class assignment is worth 5 final grade points. It takes care of two necessary tasks at once: 1) gets you registered as a “contributor” to our class blog; and 2) teaches me a little bit about who you are. You wil be graded on turning in the assignment, on time, in the proper format, described below.

Let’s start with the easy part: before our Tuesday, January 29th class, please tell me a little about yourself by writing a short biography. Don’t worry about the poetics of it. I’m more interested in the content. Who are you? Or, in the words of Ella Baker: Who are your people? Tell me a little something about where you come from, what frames your perspective and values, and what brings you to our class.

Submit your short bio as a “post” on our WordPress class blog. To do so you will have to register for WordPress. I will then have to manually add you as a “contributor.” Once I do, you can then submit your short bio.

So you know, all posts you submit to WordPress on our blog will be PRIVATE, meaning no one else but me will be able to read it. While you will always be able to COMMENT freely and publicly on any blog post, you will (always) only be able to submit posts to our blog in DRAFT form. That means they can never be made public without my approval and action. I will not make this short bio public. The point of submitting it as a post is to familiarize yourself with our blog.

To make yourself a “contributor” (someone who can submit draft posts) you need to follow a few steps:

  1. First, register for a free account at When you register, you will be required to choose a username. Write it (and your password) down.
  2. Once you’re registered, email me ( with your username.
  3. I will then manually add you as a Contributor to our class website and blog. This may generate a confirmation email which you have to follow-up on in order to be official.

Once all that is done you can log in to your account and our class blog should appear in your list of blogs (“My Blogs”). Click on it. From the drop-down menu, click on “Dashboard” and then click on “Post” from the next page. Click on “Add New” and cut and paste your response to the prompt. Title the post “All About [your name]” when you submit.

Also, since the username you choose need not be your own name, be sure title your biography post with the same title I used above, except replace the word “YOU” with your actual full name. In other words, mine would be titled “All About Tomás Summers Sandoval.”

Take care and be well!

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